Panorama Photographs

Panorama Photographs

Marking UN70, the UN family in Afghanistan created a series of striking panorama photographs featuring a group of extraordinary Afghan men and women.

Each of the nine Afghan professionals featured in the photographs are making their own particular impactful contribution to Afghanistan – in improved health care, support for returning refugees, environmental protection and many other important fields. The United Nations family in Afghanistan has had the privilege of having assisted each of the empowered professionals.

The panoramic photographs have a simple structure, with three main scenes contained in each panorama. Viewing the panoramas from left to right, each one tells a different story: The first image shows the first steps taken towards addressing challenges faced by the community; the central image captures the work undertaken to overcome the problems; while the last image on the right shows the positive outcome accomplished. Each of the Afghan professionals appears at least three times across the panorama.

These large-format photographs, measuring up to 4 meters in length, were shot in different locations across the country in the specific communities where the professionals work.

The panorama photographs are on display to Afghan audiences in different exhibitions being held in Kabul, Mazar-e-Sharif, Jalalabad, Herat and Kandahar from October through November 2015.

All photographs were created by Ramin Francis Assadi and Fardin Waezi of the United Nations in Afghanistan.