Nikbakht, Sediqa, Kobra & Fatima

Nikbakht, Sediqa, Kobra & Fatima – National Park Rangers

Nikbakht, Sediqa, Kobra & Fatima

National Park Rangers

Nikbakht, Sediqa, Kobra & Fatima“This park is known worldwide. The trees, the lakes and the animals all need protecting.”

Afghanistan’s first women park rangers are working to protect the environment and the country’s areas of outstanding natural beauty.

Nikbakht, Sediqa, Kobra and Fatima have been working at Bamyan’s Band-e-Amir National Park for the Wildlife Conservation Society over the past two years. Their work is supported by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and other organizations.

The park is an area of natural beauty at nearly 3,000 metres above sea level, featuring six lakes and rich wildlife. In the tourist season, as many as 5,000 people visit the park each day.

The rangers guide and inform tourists, educating them and raising awareness among the local community about conservation and wildlife protection.

Their story. In their own words.

I am Nikhbakht and she is Sediqa. We work with the Wildlife Conservation Society which is supported by the UN. We are park rangers, working at the Band-e-Amir National Park.

We have been appointed to protect the trees, animals and the water. We also control the visitors so they do not harm trees and animals, or contaminate the water. We remind domestic and foreign visitors to protect the national park, as well as guide parents not to let their children harm the trees and animals, and not to throw food into the water. Food contaminates the water and kills the fish.

I hope they hire more women in order for the park to improve further. I also hope the Government and the public pay more attention to protection of the park.

This park is known worldwide. The trees and the water and animals need protection. People should not cut the trees and the water should not be contaminated.

I congratulate the UN on their 70th anniversary.